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  • Do you treat men/non-pregnant women?
    Yes! Although I have a specialty in perinatal chiropractic, prior to transitioning full time to my private practice in 2019, I served the general population for the first six years of my practice. I also did a postgraduate residency in sports medicine, where I treated primarily high level high school and collegiate athletes.
  • Do you take insurance?
    I am out of network for all health insurance carriers. For patients with out-of-network chiropractic coverage, we will submit claims on your behalf and generally receive reimbursement directly. Insurance can be confusing. Feel free to reach out for a complementary benefit check so we can give you an out of pocket cost estimate.
  • Is it safe to get a chiropractic adjustment during pregnancy?
    My somewhat cheeky response to this is sharing the very low malpractice insurance rate chiropractors have compared to other physicians ;). Current studies reveal no negative outcomes from adjustments to pregnant women, and reveal that up to 84% experience significant pain relief. Like many areas of holistic prenatal care, more studies would be helpful. Unfortunately, the chiropractic field has few studies compared to the medical field due to lack of funding from economic powerhouses like Pharmaceutical companies. Pelvic adjustments during pregnancy are generally done using something called a “drop” technique which is very gentle and involves the patient lying on supportive pillows face down. (This varies from other techniques in which the patient lays on their side for a pelvic or low back adjustment because we do not want to stress or create torsion on the uterus during pregnancy.)
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