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Our Story

Yes, You Can Feel Balanced, Strong, and Resilient During Your Pregnancy - and Beyond.

You’d hoped that you’d feel better after making it through the first trimester, but just as you were starting to feel human again, the back or pelvic pain started. 


Perhaps you’ve managed it by avoiding exercise (but miss the endorphin release and stress management of getting your sweat on), have tried PT or massage (and yet it lingers), or have had it brushed off by your care provider or friends as a “normal symptom” of pregnancy. 


Then, there’s the fatigue.... which comes in waves. And while your provider may assure you there is no clinical issue, you’re struggling to get through even the “easy” days of work, parenting, and household responsibilities.


If this sounds familiar, here’s what I want you to know: you can feel better.


Most doctors today focus on one thing, and that is the survival of Mama and Baby through birth. And while I am so thankful for the progress we’ve made with surgery and medical interventions which have drastically reduced maternal and infant mortality… 


The other side of this coin is that sometimes, interventions are used beyond what is needed, and some women and babies suffer from negative side effects of these interventions unnecessarily. 

Jacinda Hover is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in helping women in all stages of motherhood overcome health challenges and establish a healthy bond with their baby.

About the Clinic

So, what's the solution?

Jacinda Hover is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in helping women in all stages of motherhood overcome health challenges and establish a healthy bond with their baby.
Dr Jacinda Hover | Functional Wellness

What if we combine the best of life saving, modern medicine with traditional and complementary practices that focus on optimizing health so that women can thrive during pregnancy, not just survive it?

As a licensed chiropractor with a background in sports medicine (and a former dancer myself), I am skilled at treating a wide variety of physical injuries and symptoms. 


But over the past several years, I’ve become increasingly aware of the undeniable connection between symptoms like pain and fatigue to underlying conditions like nutrient deficiencies and hormonal imbalances. 

I started my practice so I could do more for women throughout the motherhood transition. Chiropractic adjustments are amazing for reducing pain and optimizing pelvic biomechanics for birth.

But I have found that women benefit the most from a multifactorial approach incorporating home exercises for strength, mobility, and baby positioning, and individualized functional medicine recommendations in addition to manual therapy.

Here you’ll find complementary care tailored to you and your health and birth goals.

My Journey

My Journey

Dr Jacinda Hover | Functional Wellness Chiropractic Center

I’m often asked what led me to working primarily with women during pregnancy and at what point in my career I decided to specialize in women’s health and perinatal care.

Here's the full story 😃

I was first drawn to chiropractic during undergrad where I was premed and decided to do an internship with a chiropractor. I also had low back pain at the time which physical therapy hadn’t helped, and an adjustment gave me instant relief. 


Chiropractic being a noninvasive means of helping those in pain just “clicked” for me, and once I was in chiropractic school, I pictured myself working with dancers since ballet had played a big role in my life from toddlerhood through college. So, in graduate school, I interned with a doctor who worked with dancers and developed my skills in rehabilitative exercise and muscle work in addition to adjustments.


During my first job out of school, I took a Webster Technique seminar to gain more confidence working with pregnant women in order to learn more effective and safe techniques for this unique population. I had never thought about birth and pregnancy much before that, but when the instructor began giving us statistics about cesarean rates and the negative consequences associated with birth interventions, my eyes opened up to the importance of supporting women physically during pregnancy. 

Learning about how resolving pelvic imbalances can help women with pain during pregnancy, reduce the time of labor, and reduce the need for intervention made so much sense to me and I jumped right down the rabbit hole of all things related to pregnancy and birth. 

Since then, I have read extensively about natural childbirth (check out my resources page for my top recommendations), become certified in Birthfit!™ perinatal rehabilitation, and become a Spinning Babies™ Aware Practitioner. My formal and informal education in pregnancy and birth has led me to a deep appreciation for the sacredness of the motherhood transition. Helping women find balance, strength, and resilience in their bodies is my passion and (I believe) purpose in life. 


In addition to prenatal manual therapy and exercise, another passion of mine is nutrition. Since childhood I’ve been a pretty healthy eater (I mean, not many kids’ favorite food is beets!), but my appreciation for the ability of diet and lifestyle to alleviate and even reverse conventionally chronic disease came after watching Dr. Terry Wahls’ TedEx about how she went from wheelchair bound to being able to bike by radically changing her diet to nutrient dense foods. 


I also experienced first hand the ability of eliminating food sensitivities in curing my own digestive issues and seasonal allergies. I don’t think I knew how good it’s possible to feel when dietary triggers are removed and nutrient deficiencies are corrected. 


This led me to pursuing a certification in functional medicine, which focuses on addressing the root causes of disease (such as digestion, stress response, detoxification) through dietary and supplement recommendations based on thorough testing. 


Starting my own practice has given me the opportunity to address my patients’ health challenges through the integration of body work, therapeutic exercise, and functional medicine. I believe that the body has an innate intelligence to heal once physical, chemical, and emotional stressors are removed. My goal is to provide space for these stressors to come to the surface and address them in an individualized and holistic way. 

Professional Bio

Jacinda Hover is a Chiropractor and Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in helping women in all stages of motherhood overcome health challenges and establish a healthy bond with their baby.


She graduated with her doctorate in chiropractic (DC) from National University of Health Sciences in Lombard, IL in 2013, and she has been a licensed chiropractor in NJ for 9 years. She completed a postgraduate sports medicine residency in 2016, became Webster technique certified in 2013 and 2021, a Birthfit!™ professional in 2016, and a Spinning Babies™ Aware Practitioner in 2022. 


She has also taken over 200 hours of nutrition training to become certified in functional medicine through Functional Medicine University and has taken over 60 hours of postgraduate pediatric chiropractic training in pursuit of receiving a diplomate in pediatric and prenatal chiropractic through the ICPA

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