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Address the Root Cause of Your Most Uncomfortable Symptoms

From fatigue and digestive issues to hormone imbalances and chronic pain - functional medicine is here to help you elevate your health, holisitically.

You are someone who has a busy life - a career, a family, a whole bunch of responsibilities in between and a lot more you'd love to pursue.

With so much to juggle and so much to look forward to, there’s nothing more frustrating than having to manage symptoms that hold you back from showing up at your best.

  • Brain fog won’t let you fully focus

  • Back pain that stops you from going to your favorite workout class

  • Insomnia that won’t quit even though you are utterly exhausted at night

  • Huge energy dips throughout the day that can only be staved off with coffee

  • Conspitation, bloating, or diarrhea that gets in the way of everything

While you’ve likely explored these issues with your doctor, you may find that you’re either told “everything is normal” or prescribed a pharmaceutical to address it.


Neither of which seems to be helping you feel better.

Instead, you’d really love to get to the root cause - why is this happening in the first place? And this is where you’re supported to do just that.

Functional Medicine Will Help You Get to the Root Issues So You Can Address It

Functional medicine utilizes thorough testing to reveal imbalances within the pillars of health including nutrient levels, digestion, inflammatory response, hormone regulation, stress response, detoxification, and immune response. 


Treatment may include lifestyle modifications and supplements to optimize the body’s systems.


Functional Medicine

How it Works


Step 1: Initial Health Assessment.

Visits start with a thorough history starting from childhood and includes an emphasis on lifestyle factors such as diet, sleep, movement, and stress management.

Step 2: Diagnostic Testing

Blood work examining possible causes including nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, hormonal imbalances, and blood sugar control is ordered and interpreted differently from conventional medicine.

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Step 3: Identifying Core Issues

Through the functional medicine lens, subclinical issues are identified to address suboptimal levels and optimize health so that intervention may begin prior to clinical issues arising.

Step 4: Treatment Plan.

Once it’s clear what the underlying causes are, you’ll be given a personalized treatment plan that integrates nutrition, lifestyle changes, and supplementation.


What's Included

Initial 90-minute visit to review medical history and health goals

60-minute follow-up visit to review lab and testing results

30-minute follow-up appointments every 8 weeks

A personalized functional medicine treatment plan

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Are you ready to uncover the underlying root causes of your symptoms?

Schedule your Introductory Functional Medicine session.

Interested but still have questions?

Schedule a discovery call for more information and a complimentary insurance benefits check, or an out-of-pocket cost estimate.

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