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Relieve Pain. Improve Mobility. Live Better.
Relieve Pain. Improve Mobility. Move Better.

Experience pain relief through chiropractic care and functional movement.


Whether you...

  • feel stiffness in your lower back the moment you wake up

  • have a hip that acts up after sitting in one position for too long

  • experience tension and pain in your neck 24/7

  • feel a shooting pain through your legs

  • or experience any form of discomfort from pregnancy or postpartum

… my gues is, you’d love to feel better without having to rely on pain killers, rest, massage, or physical therapy that may not create lasting results.


You want to feel better so that you can move through life with more joy and more ease, right?


Well, you’re in the right place because this is where we can get to the root cause through an integrative approach: functional movement


Functional movement takes a look at how the entire body is moving to address underlying areas of dysfunction. 


Oftentimes, the area where pain crops up is due to compensations the body has developed over time in response to dysfunction in a distant area. 


For example, hip or ankle stiffness places more stress on the low back; working on the muscles in those areas can cause significant pain relief without even touching the painful area.


Manual Therapy

Here's how it works.


Step 1: The Movement Screening

I start my exam with an overall movement screen that assesses gross biomechanics from head to toe (an approach called functional movement). Non-optimal movement patterns are labeled dysfunctional and are the areas further investigated and addressed first regardless of pain presentation.

Step 2: Addressing Pain

Using manual therapies like chiropractic an muscle/myofascial work, I work to directly address the root cause of discomfort and imbalances. The combination of physical adjustments and rehabilitiation are the most effective for addressing and preventing the recurrence of pain. I incorporate all of these modalities in my 30 minute treatment sessions.


Step 3: Ongoing Support

Following our initial session, I’ll share my recommendations about often to receive treatment.

Mountain Range

Ready to address the root cause of your pain?

Click below to schedule an initial functional movement examination and treatment session.

Interested but still have questions?

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